Friday, 27 May 2011

19. I'm back...

After around 8 months of working every hour available in my day job, finally I can take a bit of time out to get things moving on the house project. Next on the agenda is a shiny new garage. Although as usual, first there's some demolition to do...

This is how things looked last year. As you can see, the old glass roofed garage is looking a bit shabby. As well as leaking like a sieve. That's my dad modelling a length of 4"x3".

First job is to remove that leaking roof.

Then up comes the floor. Another skipload of concrete to get rid of.

The building inspector isn't happy for us to build off the old garage walls so they have to be completely removed. Along with the foundations.

A heavy downpour causes the trench to collapse so some old slabs come to the rescue to hold things up.

More digging. The trench for the new foundations has to be dug out in sections to protect the neighbouring property. It's not easy to dig the soil out 1.5m down but finally the building inspector is happy.

After concreting, the sections inbetween can be dug out. Ensuring the neighbour's house doesn't fall into my trench.

Finally after much digging, the concrete goes in. My trusty spade is about an inch shorter and my wallet £420 lighter. Ouch.