Saturday, 1 October 2011

23. Roof Terrace

One of the jobs which I didn't manage to complete last year is the installation of the roof terrace. I have taken advantage of some recent good weather to get it done:

First job is installation of the floor joists (which also form the ceiling of the living area).

Firring strips give the correct fall to the deck. We want a terrace, not a swimming pool...

An opening is made in the parapet wall and a hopper installed to take away rainwater.

The roof deck is then laid. 18mm T&G OSB glued on all four edges ensures a nice rigid floor.

Upstands are installed all round...

...the EPDM covering is laid out ready for installation...

...then glued into place.

Still some work to do installing the vents, flashing and copings but at least we are watertight.