Sunday, 22 August 2010

17. Fixing the old roof.

Recently I've been working 7 days a week to repair the roof so there hasn't been much time for blogging. Eventually we seem to be getting there though...

The existing roof over the bay had dropped quite badly.

Stripping back the tiles reveals there's not much holding it up. So far I haven't been impressed by the standard of 1930's builders...

...although it seems that generations of birds weren't too bothered.

Several areas have seen better days.

Nothing to do but rebuild the area above the bay using some serious timbers. The carpenter spends a day on it...

...leaving me to finish things off. There's no way this roof is going anywhere.

After a week or two making various other repairs, I can get back to the good bit. New fascia and soffit means it's starting to look more like a roof again.

Eventually I have to give in and draft in some hired help. The roofer puts the lath and felt on in two days...

...although it seems that for tradesmen, this is an acceptable way to leave the site. Looks like I'll have to get my broom out again. Great.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

16. Chimneys

As we plan to install a woodburning stove at some point, we'll be needing a functional chimney. While the roof is scaffolded, it makes sense to do the necessary work now...

The existing chimneys had at some point been lowered and capped. They were also leaning quite badly... the decision was made to take them down.

The stack at the front of the house was no longer required so it was capped below roof level and tiled over.

Time for the brickies to come back to rebuild the rear stack.

More scaffolding and the chimney is restored to its former glory. The pattern was taken from a neighbouring house which still had its original chimneys.

Inside the house, the flue is exposed...

...allowing the new stainless steel liner to be lowered in from above.

The liner is bricked in and backfilled with vermiculite for added insulation.

The reclaimed chimney pots complete the job, and luckily the rain holds off. Thanks again to my dad for his help - fitting the liner is definately a two man job.

A final look out from the top of the scaffolding before it's taken down. I'll miss the view but not climbing those ladders.